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How To Enter

1) Reply to our "Do It For The Plug" Thread on twitter. With your nude, clearly displaying a physical "Do it for the plug sign". Sign must contain both #DoItForThePlug @DLPlugLondon. 

Add to your reply your #City or your #State #DoItForThePlug @DLPlugLondon. 

2) Retweet our do it for the plug thread.

How we pick the winner 


  • Once the Thread reaches 1k + Likes, the winner will be picked at random. 

  • The winner will be picked at random from all Twitter accounts that are eligible. Eligible accounts are accounts that follow the full rules, Terms & Conditions. 

  • We will use the:   To generate a random number. The entrant who posted in the position of the random number will be the winner. For example: If there are 100 entrants, the interval 1-100 will be used for the random number generator. If the generator returns the number 20. The winner will be the 20th eligible entrant to post in the thread.

  • Prize money, USD$100, will be sent to the winner via cash app. Foreign exchange rates will apply if your home currency is not USD.



Terms & Conditions 

  • Entrants Must Be at least 18+ and of legal age ( to create and disseminate nude images of them self)  in their posting location & residing  jurisdiction. 

  • Only one submission per person allowed. Anymore submissions from the same person will result in disqualification. 

  • winner must be able to receive the prize money via cash app. 

  • Entrants images must contain themselves. All other persons in the image must be consenting adults in the applicable jurisdictions. 

  • by posting an image in our DoItForThePlug Thread, you agree to The rules and Terms and conditions on this page and Twitter rules, Terms & Conditions. Where ever the rules on this page  may be in contravention to twitters policies, twitters policies take president. 

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