Discounts & Offers



Receive discount (when purchasing a ticket online) to any of our ticketed events for promoting on your socials. You can use use the same social account for multiple events by following the steps bellow for Snapchat or Twitter. 

For snapchat

1)Post our event flyer (screenshot from the event webpage or our status).

2) add to your post.

  • @DLPlugLondon

  • Attach the relevant event webpage url (you can add this to the snap via the "paper clip" icon while editing the snap). 

  • " I am going"

3) After 23hrs screenshot the amount of views you received on the post and send it to us on snapchat to validate. @DLPlugLondon

4) *The amount of discount you'll receive from a single post is as follows;

100+ views: 25% off

200+views: 50% off

300+ views: 75% 0ff

400+ views: 100% 0ff

For Twitter


1)Quote retweet our event flyer post. 

2) add to your post 

  • @DLPlugLondon

  • Attach the relevant event webpage url

  • "I am going"

3) After 24hrs DM us on twitter to validate @DLPlugLondon

4) *The amount of discount you'll receive from a single post is as follows, if you have;

1k+ followers: 25% off

2k+ followers: 50% off

3k+ followers: 75% 0ff

4k+ followers: 100% 0ff

*Please note:​

  • No accumulated discount. One post per discount off per ticket.

  • If you've used a medium (snapchat or Twitter) to promote for a specific event and received discount you can not use it again to receive discount on another separate ticket.

  • can only receive discounts to ticketed events. unless otherwise stated in the event info

  • Discount is only to be used when buying tickets online. no discount for purchasing on the door

Regular Attendee ?* 

Our members get discounts on their tickets to all our monthly ticketed events run solely by us  (note discounts have to be applied at the time of purchasing a ticket online). Becoming a member is easy. Click here to find out more


*At the moment this offer is only available for those guest between 18-34