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Traffic LIGHTS

Traffic Lights July 2024
Traffic Lights July 2024
Multiple Dates
20 Jul 2024, 22:00
The Bunker

Non filming event- no phones or cameras allowed.

The Traffic Lights Party, hosted each month, was established in 2019. Bringing you the hottest DL, Bi and Gay guys from around the UK to London once a month for a masked action packed party. This brand is for the young discreet guys to link up and have fun. Mask are available in 3 colours (Red, Orange and Green), guest chose mask depending on their sexual orientation (Top, Vers, Bottom) as well as guests can bring their own mask, each guest is subject to a search and has to follow the mandatory no phones policy. The event is hosted in a club built for purpose, with a fun zone, a bar and dance floor area for guys to relax and meet other like minded guys before diving into the fun. The changing room and cloak room allows guests to strip off as much clothes as they feel comfortable and store them safely.

Standard Tickets are £ 20 online (drinks ticket included). Guest can enter the event with tickets at anytime during the event.

Paying on the door:

£15 before Midnight( no drinks ticket included).

£25 after midnight ( drinks ticket included).

Please be advised guest will be charged £25 from 00:01. when paying on the door. 

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