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The UKs Official DL, BI & Gay Group For The ManDem



DLPlugLondon is the UKs official facilitator enabling DL, Gay and Bi guys (ManDem and Roadmen) to network. We aim to provide several means for like-minded guys to interact in safe and discreet spaces. Allowing for our members privacy and safety to be maintained throughout all interactions. 

We currently have two means for our members to interact. 

Our monthly Event - Face Down Ass up Mondays. Is a ticket only masked sex party (read below for details). The only Official event of its kind. 

Our Group forums - with 400 + members based in London all looking for sex. We run a free group chat for like-minded guys to interact ( be it individually by Direct messaging members or directly on the group ).


DLPlugLondon is the UKs Biggest and official sex event promoter for DL, Gay and Bi guys (ManDem and Roadmen) interested in Afro Beats, Bashment and RnB. With over 400 members based in London and unique access to licensed venues. We are the Professionals, our members safety and privacy is paramount, therefore We host all our events in licensed professional venues with fully licensed bars and qualified security personnel. Additionally our event location are Discreet and not easily identified by members of the public. 


We do not promote "Raves" - our events are No pressure sex parties for like-minded guys to either chill in our bar area whilst socializing and listening to music or have Fun with other guys in our designated play areas.

Note: When purchasing a ticket you can use any name however we use the name for our guest list in case you forget your ticket.

Please note we operate a strict door policy as well as following the house rules we encourage only guys between,18-35 years old, to attend our events as this is what majority of our members are  into; We reserve the discretionary right to turn away any attendee.

Your safety is important to us, therefore please read all event information. 



  1. Are the events just for one particular race? No. we do not endorse nor do we operate a racist door policy. This  would be against our ethos and against the Law

  2. Do i have to be attractive? This a mandatory at least topless event. age range, 18-35, We encourage only confident guys to attend. guys who are relatively in shape, Fit, toned or slim guys  go down well as this is what majority of our members are into.

  3. If i am refused entry will i be refunded ? We reserve the discretionary right to turn away any attendee regardless of you being a ticket holder. We will refund your ticket in the case of refused entry.

  4. Do have to bring condoms and lube? Condoms and lube are provided free of charge

  5. Do i have to have sex? No. you can come and socialise at the bar, you do not have to have sex.


  6.  Do i have to purchase a mask? you can bring your own or purchase one on entry.

  7. Do I have to wear a mask? Wearing a mask is optional. Up to the individual to decide

  8. Can I bring my own mask? YES

  9. Do you provide mask? limited amount of mask for sale on the door

  10. Do i have to get naked? No. you do not have to get naked. But at least have to be trouserless  (you can keep boxers on) or topless, there is a cloak room for those who want to change etc.


  11. Is the venue private? the event is being held in a club- The Bunker London. It is a discreet Venue meaning people won't be able to tell you're entering a sex club as there is no advertisement outside. 


  12. Is this a scam? you can pay more at the door or contact the venue - www.bunkerbar.co.uk to confirm our event is scheduled 


  13. Do i need to bring ID? 18+ event, so ID Maybe required if you're lucky enough to look younger. ID may also be checked if you look outside of our age rang 18-35. 


  14. Why does it ask for my name when purchasing a ticket? The website ask for name so that you are put on a guest list automatically in case you lose your ticket. whatever name you put is upto you. obviously names will not be published. 


  15.  and finally we'll answer the stupid question... who's coming to the event ? and how DL is the event?  if you want to know who's going to the event buy a ticket and attend. lastly the event is a DL as possible meaning the venue is Discreet, ticket only, security search required, no phones allowed ( they have to be checked into the cloak room). and mask are provided in an effort to conceal identity. there is no such thing as 100% DL proof. we have put things in place to help conceal our attendees Identity however you'll also have to use your discretion and act accordingly




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