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DLPlugLondon hookups SE bexley area

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I have just joined the membership of this pool. Not sure how long i will be here. I am warmed by the welcome. The site looks okay but its very reminiscent of Grindr. Is that abad or good thing???... Ha ha. Interesting club, and i am definitely interested in knowing what happens on the club nights. I have many questions which i feel i will get answered by ME. I do plan on attending one of the events, just to get a look-see as to how the vibe is. The firt profile that grabbed my attention was that of Sean Harris. Interesting dude with a lol lol. I reckon that there are quite a few people (members) who have not posted anything yet. Thats neither bad not not not bad. I like the freedom .

Best wishes to all and i do wish you all a great week ahead.



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